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Rates and Deadlines

We provide buyers and sellers an outlet to buy and sell goods in Western Montana. The Mini Nickel offers reliable ads, vetted by our sales consultants, and displayed in the weekly print publication and online every day. 

The good news for you is that we have all sorts of advertising options available all the way from free to high-quality, premium, "knock your socks off."

The free options are, well, free. (What's better than free?!) The paid options, which are very affordable, will bring extra value to your advertising, both in print and online. These packages are the way to go if you want to get your item sold quickly.

To see what options and pricing are available to you, please place an order through our online ad builder

If you would prefer to deal with a human being instead of ordering online, please call us at (406) 548-3356.

Our publication is distributed every Thursday. In order to get an ad in that paper, your order must be made by Tuesday at 4 p.m.